Hulu will get Disney's Nomadland movie the same day as theaters

Nomadland, a drama that will hit some IMAX theaters later this month, will be available to stream on Hulu on the same day it gets its widespread premiere in theaters throughout the US. Though it hasn't taken as big of steps as Warner Bros when it comes to embracing streaming during the pandemic, this won't be the first time Disney has launched a movie on digital.

Disney film studio Searchlight Pictures is the company behind Nomadland, which will first get a limited release in some IMAX theaters on January 29. The movie will roll out to other US movie theaters on February 19, the same day the film will also be available to stream on Hulu, according to a recent report from The Hollywood Reporter.

Hulu, of course, is also primarily owned by Disney, which indicated in the past that more adult-centric content may be made available on Hulu rather than its newer family-friendly Disney+ platform. This marks the first time Searchlight will release a title simultaneously in theaters and on a streaming platform, something that has become relatively common under the pandemic.

The pandemic has been underway for around a year now, and many movie theaters remain closed or open on a limited basis — and some have warned that they're struggling to survive financially. Many consumers are still avoiding theaters over concerns about potentially contracting the novel coronavirus, turning to streaming services for their entertainment instead.

Hulu boasts around 38 million subscribers in the United States and it is home to an increasingly notable library of content, including relatively recent additions from FX and original content. Whether we'll see other Disney movies simultaneously premiere on digital and theaters this year remains unclear.