Hulu original series grow with four additions

Video streaming site Hulu had just added four new original programs to its lineup, helping to further differentiate itself from chief rival Netflix and add increasing weight to the idea that streaming sites can serve a purpose beyond just offering what people can already watch on broadcast TV. So far, Hulu's original programs include shows like Battleground, A Day in the Life, and Up to Speed.

Among those programs alone, the site is already representing comedy, reality, and travel, and it's available only through The new additions include We Got Next, which follows a group of friends who find common ground through basketball, and The Awesomes, a superhero show starring the voices of Seth Meyers and Michael Shoemaker. The other shows are Don't Quite Your Daydream, a show about a group of traveling musicians, and Flow, which is about a man seeking justice after being wrongfully framed for a crime.

Hulu is in a strong battle against Netflix to see who can come up with the best original programming. Knowing that simply offering existing TV content can only take them so far, both sites are hoping to turn the industry on its head by proving that there can be worthwhile entertainment content that is scripted, edited, and aired exclusively on the Web.

[via VentureBeat]