Hulu gets a universal Windows app and Cortana support

Chris Scott Barr - Feb 15, 2016, 2:30 pm CST
Hulu gets a universal Windows app and Cortana support

For many years, I’ve wondered when Microsoft would get around to having a unified platform. They’ve had a desktop OS, smartphones, gaming consoles, and even an MP3 player for ages now, but they were always very different devices that only barely communicated with each other. Only with the release of Windows 10 has Microsoft been able to create a truly unified platform. Today, Hulu has joined that platform by releasing their universal Windows 10 app.

While there has been a Windows app for Hulu for quite some time, it hasn’t been a universal app. There’s a big difference between the two, so if you’ve got Windows 10 on any of your devices, it might be worth checking out. You’ll now be able to enjoy the full Cortana integration, which brings voice searching and more to the app. All you need to say is “Hey Cortana” and tell her to watch, find, play, or search for your favorite movie or show. You can also use it to add movies and shows to your favorites and your queue.

Cortana isn’t the only thing that you’ll get in the universal app. You’ll also be able to pin both the app, and individual shows/movies to your Live Tiles, to make finding them much easier.

Unfortunately, since Cortana isn’t yet available on the Xbox One, you won’t be seeing an updated version of it today. You will, however, be able to download it to your computer, tablet, and phone, starting right now.

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