Hulu CEO Jason Kilar not interested in being Yahoo CEO

The CEO of Hulu, Jason Kilar, was no doubt flattered when he found out that Yahoo was keen on having him take over the vacated CEO spot that opened up when its previous chief was ousted as having lied on his resume. But apparently Kilar has no interest in joining that shipwreck when he's currently the top dog at one of the most buzzworthy Internet companied today.

VentureBeat quoted a "Hulu spokesperson" as saying, "As has been reported, Jason Kilar has been a focus of the Yahoo CEO search committee. He has graciously declined to be considered." Prior to joining Hulu, Kilar worked at Amazon for a decade. He moved up the ranks until eventually becoming to senior vice president of Worldwide Application Software. In other words, he knows his stuff.

The current CEO at Yahoo, acting as interim chief, is the company's global media head Ross Levinsohn. The company had of course also been considering him as the new permanent CEO. And even with Kilar's name in the running, sources were saying that Levinsohn was looking to be Yahoo's top choice. So it looks like it will be a nice turn of events for Levinsohn.

[via VentureBeat]