Hulu cancels hit horror anthology show set in Stephen King universe

Horror genre anthology television shows have become increasingly popular with that popularity arguably spurred by hit American Horror Story. Hulu got in on the action with an original horror anthology set in the Stephen King universe, the most recent season of which gave fans the backstory for character Annie Wilkes. Sadly, the show will not be returning with a third season.Castle Rock comes from J.J. Abrams and Stephen King, the author behind the books from which the show drew inspiration. The show premiered on Hulu in 2018 with a first season that involved Shawshank State Penitentiary and an unknown inmate who had been secretly locked away. The season was 10 episodes long.

The show's second season premiered on Hulu last year and, true to the show's anthology nature, featured new actors telling a new story — the one of Annie Wilkes and how she became the crazed fan we saw in the Stephen King novel Misery. That season likewise ran for 10 episodes.

If you were hoping for a third season, Deadline has some bad news. The publication says that it has confirmed that Hulu will not be proceeding with a third season of Castle Rock and that the show had been launched with only two installments in mind. The decision to make season two the final season was made "a while ago," the report claims.

Though the show was made for Hulu, it comes from Warner Bros Television alongside Abrams' Bad Robot Productions and a couple of other firms. Warner Bros Television is also the distributor for the series, but Deadline says there are no plans to bring additional Castle Rock seasons to HBO Max, which is owned by WarnerMedia.