Hulu blocks VPN users

Those who want to watch a region-locked video online turn to VPNs, which give the users an IP address for the country where the service is offered. This common method of circumventing restrictions is no longer possible with Hulu, following a block this week of all major VPNs.

The move is to stop those outside of the United States from watching Hulu using a VPN service. As of this week, those who try to access the service through one of the blacklisted IP addresses will see a message advising them that the service isn't available outside the US, and that those in the US need to disable the proxy.

No official announcement of the VPN block has been made, but those within the US using one of the proxy services will find the same block as those trying to access it from outside the borders — something that has resulted in some VPN services being inundated with complaints from customers.

Said VikingVPN's Micah Greene in a statement to Torrent Freak, "We're upset that our users would have to disconnect from our service in order to access Hulu. We encourage users to remain connected in order to guard their privacy, 24/7. Hulu could mitigate a small portion of this concern if they would at least implement SSL on their website."

SOURCE: Torrent Freak