Hulu adds Watch Party feature, but only some viewers can use it

Hulu has joined select other streaming services to launch its own integrated 'Watch Party' feature. With this, users can watch content with other users who are located somewhere else, the video synced up between the two (or more) viewers so that everyone is seeing the same content at the same time. The feature isn't available to all users, however.

Hulu is testing the new Watch Party feature at this time, it said on Twitter. Only Hulu subscribers who pay for the ad-free plan can use the feature, however — and that goes for everyone participating in the show. That means you and each of your participating friends and/or family members must also have a Hulu No Ads subscription to join the party.

Up to eight people can participate in the same Watch Party, according to Hulu, which notes that users who share a Hulu account can participate under their own individual profiles. The company does restrict the Watch Party feature from profiles and accounts that belong to users who are under the age of 18.

Watch Party is only available on the website at this time; it's unclear if or when the feature will be made available on other platforms. Premium and Live TV content aren't supported by Watch Party, which is available on "thousands" of shows and movies, Hulu says on its support website.

Hulu is the latest video platform to add a watch party feature. Earlier today, Plex said that it, too, is now testing its own version of this feature, one called 'Watch Together.' With this, users are able to watch the same content at the same time, though it supports more platforms, including mobile, Roku, and Fire TV.