Huge NEC P701 70-inch display unveiled with a huge price to match

There are tons of uses for displays that can be connected to a PC or other video input source that have nothing to do with home theater or general computer use. Some of the largest displays are aimed at use as digital signs like we see in airports and at some businesses. NEC has pulled a massive display out of the shadows called the P701.

The giant display has a screen measuring 70-inches and is designed to operate continuously. The huge screen has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and a contrast ratio of 2000:1. The screen has a typical brightness of 420 cd/m2 and a maximum brightness of 600 cd/m2. NEC builds thermal protection and internal temperature sensors in to prevent damage caused by overheating.

A sealed design helps the screen survive environments with dust, grease, or steam and the display has a built-in expansion slot. Other features include a real-time clock and a scheduler that will shut the display down when it's not needed to save power. A version of the P701 with a TV tuner called the P701-AVT will be offered as well. Both versions of the display will ship in March with the non-tuner version selling for $11,799.