Hug Shirt Lets You Hug Long Distance

Named as one of the best inventions of 2006 by Time Magazine, the Hug Shirt lets you hug from a long distance. Bluetooth-enabled pads are embedded in the fabric of the shirt to receive signals from your mobile phone. So just imagine when you and your loved one are in a long distance situation, you both can don the Hug Shirt and literally send each other a squeeze via your mobile phone.

When you squeeze your shirt, the bluetooth pad sensors relays the info to your mobile phone which then relays the info to your loved one's mobile phone, which then relays and triggers their Hug Shirt to squeeze the same location and at the same pressure you applied onto your own Hug Shirt.

The designers intend the Hug Shirt to be washable and comfortable to wear. The pads are also to be removable so that you can apply them to any clothes you want and I suppose anywhere on the body you so desire. I can see this going down a dirty path, but for now the Hug Shirt is not yet in production nor for sale.

Hug Shirt lets you send a squeeze to your friends [Via: Pocket-lint]