Huffing air just got a lot more difficult

Chris Scott Barr - May 28, 2007

Boy, nothing really gets me going in the morning like huffing compressed air out of a can. Ok, I’ve never actually huffed compressed air, but plenty of people out there have, and Memorex is stepping up to the plate to try and deter those that would do so.

According to the Alliance for Consumer Education, more than 2.1 million teens ages 12-17 have used some form of inhalant, such as compressed air. However, Memorex has decided to include an additive known as bitterant to their line of Air Duster to discourage people from inhaling.

The bitterant adds a foul odor to the compressed air so that people won’t want to bother inhaling it. Then again, you’ll have those people that are gluttons for punishment that will continue, regardless of the smell.

[via press release]

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