Huawei's Harmony OS phone won't be showing up this year

Huawei may have yet dodged the bullet, if only for a short while. The reprieve that it may receive will allow it to continue supporting existing customers of existing products. That, at least, gives it more time to prepare its options, especially when it comes to smartphone software. Despite analyses and theories in the past few months, Huawei is publicly saying it isn't looking to putting out a phone running its homegrown Harmony OS. At least not this year and not unless its forced by US sanctions.

To be fair, it is a sensible position to take. Huawei has invested heavily in building up its mobile ecosystem around Android and it's no small undertaking to start one from scratch. Putting out a smartphone using its Harmony OS would effectively splinter its ecosystem and double its work.

That despite Huawei touting the performance superiority of its own OS. That platform was recently shown in public for the first time but it was pretty much what most feared. It barely had any app support, if any at all. It definitely wouldn't stand in the smartphone market outside of China.

It is, however, probably a better fit smart devices that aren't as dependent on apps as smartphones. Those include smart TVs, in-vehicle infotainment systems, and smartwatches. The latter might be one of the first devices to launch with Harmony OS running on it in addition to the earlier announced smart TV.

Huawei's resolve, however, might waver if the US pushes through with its ban. If that happens, it will have no choice but to go with its own platform for all its devices. Unfortunately, that may not fix Huawei's problem when it comes to apps and ecosystems.