Huawei Watch GT2 Pro might finally feature wireless charging

Huawei's relatively young line of "GT" smartwatches are highly rated for one feature and one feature alone, their advertised 14-day battery life. Although it might not reach those numbers in real-world use, it's still significantly more than the 24 hours that most smartwatches offer. Sooner or later, however, you'll have to recharge the wearable and with Huawei's upcoming revision of the Watch GT2, you might not have to struggle with cables anymore.

The first generations of smartwatches were mostly charged using some proprietary or very specific docks that fit only the watch and only the watch. It also required USB-cables, of course, but that meant yet another cable to add to your tablet or nightside desk.

According to WinFuture, the upcoming Huawei Watch GT2 Pro will finally support wireless charging. Thankfully, it will also be using the Qi wireless charging standard rather than some proprietary thing that Huawei cooked up. It's not exactly a huge feature but it does at least mean you can reuse the charging pad you may already have for your phone or, better yet, use your phone's reverse wireless charging feature to charge the watch.

Other than that, it seems that the Watch GT2 Pro will be exactly like the Watch GT2, at least in core specs like the 4GB storage and 32MB RAM (not a typo). It also has the same 1.39-inch 454x454 screen and even the same 46 mm body size that makes it less ideal for those with slimmer wrists.

That also means it will still have Huawei's custom smartwatch OS, of course, for all the advantages and disadvantages that it brings. That is, of course, part of the reason why it has such a long battery life, which is because it doesn't support that many features as your common smartwatch.