Huawei to debut new Ascend D1 Q and 10-inch MediaPad at MWC

Huawei is set to rollout new products a Mobile World Congress when the show kicks off. Some of the new products debuting will be in the company's new Diamond line of devices. All the products are expected to run Android 4.0. The new products will include a 10-inch MediaPad tablet, which is a follow-up to the original 7-inch tablet, and the company will also unveil the Ascend D1 Q.

The D1 Q will be a quad core device, hence that Q designator in its name. It is expected to be the first Diamond smartphone, and we don't really know anything about the hardware at this point. We're hoping the new MediaPad has better software than its 7-inch sibling we are familiar with. The hardware was never an issue with that tablet; it was the software that bothered us.

We don't have hardware details on the 10-inch MediaPad right now. There is no indication that it will be a Diamond series device. Scuttlebutt says that there will be a pair of Diamond devices unveiled at MWC, so we are expecting at least one more major product announcement from Huawei at the show. Details are scant right now, but with Mobile World Congress only a few weeks away we don't have long to wait.

[via Android Community]