Huawei Mate 30 Pro teardown gives another reason to wish it were available

In just a week, Samsung will kick off this year's batch of Android flagships and you can bet Huawei won't be far behind. The Huawei P40 won't be straying far from the Mate 30 Pro which should have been 2018's top smartphone when it comes to photography. On paper, that is the case but its unavailability and lack of Google Play apps have made it a distant wish to many consumers. Now a teardown of the "banned" phone gives buyers another reason to yearn of better days.

To be clear, JerryRigEverything's teardown doesn't reveal anything revolutionary or so innovative that it would blow the competition out of the market. In fact, the initial teardown process was tedious due to more than 20 screws of varying sizes underneath the heavily glued glass, and thus fragile, back.

There are no surprises inside, which is actually part of the appeal. Everything inside is actually modular and, contrary to common industry practice, the battery isn't tightly glued to the frame. In short, that not only makes repairs of individual components easier, it also means those modular components are potentially cheaper to come by.

It's not perfect, of course, as the screen and glass are still bonded together. That screen is also glued tight to the mid-frame, making its repair next to impossible without breaking it.

A repairable phone with the best camera in the market, at least according to DxOMark, and very few are able to get their hands on it. Such is the unfortunate fate that awaits Huawei's smartphones unless things start to look better for it.