Huawei can issue phone updates for 90 days under temporary extension

The U.S. Commerce Department has granted Huawei Technologies a 90-day extension during which time it is allowed to issue software updates to existing phones and purchase goods made in America. The extension period will be effective starting today, May 20, and last through August 19, 2019. Huawei Technologies is one of 69 total non-U.S. affiliates granted the 90-day temporary general license.

On Thursday, May 15, the White House issued an executive order giving the government power to block U.S. companies from buying foreign telecommunications hardware alleged to be a national security risk. To no one's surprise, Huawei Technologies is one of the 69 companies added to an export blacklist, making it exceedingly difficult for the company to buy goods made in America.

As of now, Huawei cannot do business with U.S. companies unless it has licenses that it will likely not be able to obtain. Starting today, the Department of Commerce granted Huawei a temporary general license to continue issuing software updates and buying goods until August 19.

In a document detailing the temporary general license, the Department of Commerce says the extension allows:

- Continued Operation of Existing Networks and Equipment

- Support to Existing Handsets

- Cybersecurity Research and Vulnerability Disclosure

- Engagement as Necessary for Development of 5G Standards

The extension has been anticipated since Friday when a government spokesperson alluded to the temporary general license plan.