HTC's Zoe Share site comes to life

The HTC One is not available for the general public just yet, however that has not stopped some Zoe collages from appearing on the Zoe Share website. There doesn't seem to be an overwhelming amount of the videos available at the moment, however there are enough so you can begin to get a good look at exactly what these will be. After all, sometimes things just make a bit more sense when you can see them as opposed to read about them.

That being said, lets first briefly explain the Zoe. These are essentially a mix of video and still images. You can create a Zoe (using an HTC One) by hitting the icon for the Zoe Mode. Once here you tap the on-screen button and the phone sets about capturing some HD video and still frame images and then packages it all together in a Zoe, which is 30-seconds in length. Below is a video from the HTC One launch event that goes a bit further into detail on the Zoe.

The big thing we have heard since is that this all sounds a bit gimmicky. Well, to that we say plenty of things can have that appearance in the beginning. The one thing that may keep the Zoe clips from being super popular is the fact that they can only be created but those with an HTC One. That bit alone may keep these in the gimmick category but as always, we will have to see how this plays out once the handset is readily available.

Anyway, back to the Zoe clips that are beginning to surface. So far there have been a handful discovered by way of some social media searches. You can check them out by surfing to the following three links; Zoe (1), Zoe (2) and Zoe (3). So how about it, any thoughts on the Zoe? Do you think these will be the next big thing, or the next big flop?

[via Android and Me]