HTC Vive Sync VR enterprise tool gets web browser and Android support

HTC's Vive Sync, an enterprise tool designed to help teams interface with each other using virtual reality headsets, just received a big update. According to the company, it has added a number of features that users have requested, the biggest one being a new web browser. With this, users can directly access the web while participating in a virtual meeting.

The Vive Sync tool is made for enterprise users — it enables employees to create 3D avatars, which are then used to interact with other employees and participants in a virtual environment. Within this VR meeting, users are able to collaborate in real-time, make presentations, have private brainstorming sessions, and similar things using headsets.

There's obvious usefulness for this kind of tool, which is that it provides a more immersive experience compared to using ordinary webcams. However, the big limitation is that you must have a headset on you and you must be somewhere that is private enough to wear the device.

To address this potential problem, HTC has introduced Android support. With this, users are able to participate in Vive Sync meetings using their smartphone or tablet at times when the VR headset isn't available or practical. The app is available in the Play Store now.

In addition, and as mentioned, Vive Sync also now features a built-in web browser. The new feature arrives as a preview version of the eventual final product, offering support for searching content, pulling up websites, and other things you may need to do in the middle of a meeting, particularly if it is a private brainstorming or research session.

Finally, the update also brings host controls, enabling the meeting's host to manage each participant's permissions, as well as giving them the ability to mute/unmute users and change room permissions. This potentially makes Vive Sync more useful for scenarios beyond interfacing with people you already know, such as paving the way for virtual town halls and conferences.