HTC Thunderbolt Available Online But Can't Checkout

With the HTC Thunderbolt release once again postponed, it seems fans are getting antsy and a little crazy. One fan has taken it upon himself to figure out a way on HTC's online store to force the listed device into his shopping cart even though he could not checkout. He was then kind enough to share his process and even offer up the below screenshot as proof of his deed.

The device is already listed on the HTC online store, but is shown as unavailable and therefore cannot be added to the online shopping cart. The anonymous fan was able to get the item to show up in the shopping cart by some method of copying and pasting of the url address and then changing the item number.

Below are his own words:

Go to HTC's online store, go to any product detail page. 'Copy link address' for the "Add to cart" link. Paste to the address bar, change product ID to 38411, submit. You'll be taken to an HTC Incredible page, but when you click to view your "Cart," you'll have an HTC Thunderbolt there for $699.99. However, you can't check out due to no plans being available for this phone.

[via Android Community]