HTC Shift Reviewed

So Mr. Hugo Ortega over at Gottabemobile got the HTC Shift for about 60 hours to use in a presentation and, for the reason we are here now, to review it. What does he think about it? In a nutshell, he loves it.

So what does this UMPC have going for it that others don't? First it does double duty as both a PDA and a UMPC. It does so by having two separate processors and corresponding OS's that it can switch between with the touch of a button. The first is a Qualcomm 400MHz processor that powers the Windows Mobile 6 OS, in this mode the battery will last almost a week. However, push the button and switch on the Intel processor at 800MHz and Windows Vista Business, and the battery life is drastically cut to a mere 3 hours.

Video after the jump.

Other features include WLAN, Bluetooth, 1.3 Megapixel webcam, finger scanner, HSDPA, 40GB HDD, and up to 1GB DDR2. So far there isn't a US release date or a price, but I sure hope it hits stateside, and soon.

The HTC Shift [via Gottbemobile]