HTC Shift finally landing, in Europe

James Allan Brady - Feb 7, 2008, 11:41 am CDT

European retailer Expansys is set to begin selling the UMPC/oversized smartphone on February 19th. There is also a rumor that someone who apparently saw Orange’s upcoming sales campaign says that Orange will be selling their own branded version of the device.

From Expansys you get the device only, no plan or contract or subsidy (not that you’ll get any of the price subsidized from cellular retailers, but one can hope right?) As is, out of the box not service or contract, it will cost you $1720 or about 1185 Euro.

Orange’s version is supposedly hitting shelves in March, but we’ll see. I had the pleasure of toying with the HTC Shift at CES this year, and I must say, I like it, do I like it enough to spend $1700 on it? Hell no, but I do like it, oh, and in case you were wondering, if it does come from Orange, you supposedly won’t be able to get a voice plan with it, just data, which it supports a plethora of via its GSM/GPRS/EDGE/HSDPA networks, WiFi, and Bluetooth as well.

[via reghardware]

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