HTC Ruby spotted in reflection on a tablet screen?

This may be the strangest leaked photo of a supposed new smartphone I have ever seen. Looking at the pics below they are some of the darkest spy shots I have seen for sure. Do you know why they are so dark? They are reflections from the screen of a HTC Flyer tablet apparently. Weird huh? I don't know if the spy shooter had to get all James Bond and take spy shots using reflections and stuff or what.

According to Pocketnow, the two white smartphones that you see in the background are the HTC Ruby. That same codename was used back in the spring and the device thought to be the Ruby launched as the HTC Arrive. The Arrive was first Windows Phone 7 smartphone from the firm. Either some details are left out of the Pocketnow report, or some of this is sheer guesswork. Apparently, the tip that the Ruby took these shots comes from tags in the photos.

The thing that has me wondering here is that apparently the assumption is that the smartphones spied in the reflection from the screen of a tablet are the same device that snapped the pic. If you are confused, you aren't alone. Still, the phone seen in the reflection doesn't appear to be anything we are familiar with.

[via PocketNow]