HTC One edition with gold and platinum plating options unveiled

The Samsung GALAXY S 4 received the gold treatment last week courtesy of GoldGenie, which offered its wares at about $2,600 alongside a snazzy cherry oak box. Roll ahead a week, and now the company has announced that the same treatment is coming to the HTC One, which will be available with gold and platinum plating options, as well as a rose gold option for a splash of color.

For some, a regular smartphone stands out amidst their business attire and delicate trimmings, a plastic or brushed metal starkness next to a Rolex or propped up on an Audi. For those who find this kind of style clash unbecoming, GoldGenie is offering a classy, eye-catching design opportunity for a price tag starting at £1895 / $2900 USD.

Customers can choose either the white or the black HTC One handset, then select one of the three metal plating options for its backing. The 24ct. Gold option is the cheapest option of the three at $2900, while the rose gold is the next in line at £1995 / $3,082 USD. And not surprisingly, the most expensive is the platinum, which is priced at a hefty £2095 / $3,200 USD.

Ensuring you can use the handset on whichever carrier you prefer – and switch carriers without leaving your electronic gold brick behind – the HTC One is SIM-free and unlocked for use on any network. Says GoldGenie, you can use these handsets anywhere in the world. The smartphone comes with a USB charging cable and a Beats audio earphone set with mic/remote.

Accompanying the gold-plated HTC One will also be a "luxury" cherry oak box for storage, which you can check out in the gallery below. If you're in the market for such a device, be sure to factor in the time it takes to plate the handset befor getting too excited – shipping is usually done within two weeks, but can take up to 21 days.