HTC: No Plans for a Tablet Quite Yet

Tablets are all over the place. Of course, it's made worse when a company out there seems to be just making oodles and oodles of money by reigniting a market that, for all intents and purposes, was dead. But, that's not a reason for HTC to jump into the tablet game quite yet. At least, that's what their global PR and online Community Manager, Eric Lin, believes.

According to Lin, the company is keeping their eye on tablets, and they are always looking at it, but right now they just don't feel like it's the right time to get into the game. They believe they need a compelling feature, a compelling device, and a compelling reason to get customers interested in their tablet, versus the plethora of options out there. One interesting point he made, was that at Computex this year, there were 80 Android-based tablets on display. Right now, HTC would just be the 81st Android tablet available, if they were to go that route.

Understandably, HTC doesn't want to do that. So, instead of just releasing a tablet they believe isn't ready for the prime time, or good enough not to draw customer's attention, they aren't going to waste the time, effort, or money. However, that doesn't mean they're counting them out completely. As soon as they have something worth bringing to stage, they'll bring it. And, considering the thought process going into this, we're hoping that HTC unveils something some time in 2011.

[via Pocket-Lint]