HTC Hero Might Be Up for Pre-Order Soon

If you didn't catch our "review of the Hero", we think you should. Especially if you're on the Sprint Network, here in the States. Why? Because those rumors of a Hero gracing the Now Network seem to be getting more solid every day, and if a recent leaked image of Best Buy's internal systems has anything to say about it, then September is set to be a little bit more cramped.

The image shows us that the Hero will be up for pre-order September 13. And while the image hasn't been verified at all, by anyone, it's still a step in the right direction, as these things tend to lead to solid information more often than not. Besides, there's no reason to think that a pre-sale at Best Buy for the HTC Hero on Sprint wouldn't start taking place around that time, giving the phone a month to officially release before getting into customer's hands.

Rumors are rumors, and leaked shots are about as common as it gets, so take it for what it's worth. If you're a Sprint customer, then it looks like you might start to get a bit excited now, especially if the Palm Pre wasn't your cup of tea. We don't have much longer to wait either way, so just tap into that reserve of patience you surely have, and hurry up and wait.

[via Boy Genius Report]