HTC Desire 20 Pro will try to prove the company is still making phones

History has been unkind to the world's most illustrious names in the mobile market. Nokia itself no longer makes phones and both Sony and Motorola seem to be on life support. HTC, the very first to come out with an Android phone is probably not even mentioned these days in connection to mobile devices. Many have predicted that the Taiwanese company is on the way out and is shifting all its resources towards the equally tenuous VR market. HTC, however, might not yet be down for the count but its next phone might not even register on anyone's radar.

For all intents and purposes, HTC skipped 2018 when it came to smartphones. The Exodus 1s was a blockchain-centric phone that few people could really grasp while the Desire 19 series was just a silent drop in a sea of phones. Its most notable phone, the Wildfire X, wasn't even made by HTC itself, licensing its brand to an Indian manufacturer in the style of BlackBerry.

It seems that HTC might have no plans on changing its course this year either. While most OEMs by now have already launched their early 2020 horses, HTC's is still in the stable. Judging by what's coming out of the rumor mill, the Desire 20 Pro may have no chance of catching up anyway.

Early Geekbench scores for a certain unreleased phone hints squarely at a mid-range device running on a Snapdragon 600 series chip with 6GB of RAM. Leakster LlabTooFeR also gives his two cents on what the Desire 20 Pro will look like, which will pretty much be the fusion of a OnePlus 8 and a Xiaomi Mi 10.

HTC's Desire line has, admittedly, never been its flagship but it has no other flagship to show for so far. Despite its new CEO's claims to do better, the company has yet to turn its ship around and prove it has more than just words. And with the COVID-19 pandemic affecting everyone, directly or indirectly, Huawei's window of opportunity is also closing fast.