HTC Advantage systems showing "test only" error

The HTC Advantage is up for grabs at CompUSA, Amazon and likely other stores as well.While the device is no doubt worth the dough you'll throw down for one, I wouldn't rush out and purchase one just yet.

Apparently those customers that have already gotten their hands on a unit have discovered something rather disturbing. When booted up, the device greets them with a message declaring it is "test only, not for sale." I'm pretty sure I'd be packing mine up and heading back to the store from whence it came.

The "error" can be fixed with a simple software update over the PC. Even knowing this I would still be a bit skeptical about the performance of the tiny gadget. While the issue may only be software related I would still wonder if the hardware wasn't ready for final release.

Oops: Pre-prod HTC Units Possibly Sent To Retailers [via crunchgear]