HPI 1000 Impulse Gun for Firefighters Designed to Take Out Small Fires Quickly

When technology can help someone, we immediately have to jump on board. And, when technology can be used to help something as important as a firefighter, there's no doubt in our minds that we have to give it as much attention as possible. Especially when it's just a concept. A concept that needs to be put into the real world as quickly as possible. That's exactly the case with the HPI 1000 Impulse Gun, specifically targeted for firefighters.

The HPI 1000 Impulse Gun is designed based on the IFEX 3000 (these things love their numbers, don't they?) and is designed by one Jan Thinius. It's meant to tackle small fires, and do it far more quickly than traditional, and currently utilized water cannons by firefighters. It has 25 bars of pressure, and the tank can hold one liter of water. The Impulse Gun can accelerate the release of that water up to 400 km/h, which is subsequently atomized through a special membrane.

As it exits that membrane, and it's shoved out of the gun at such a high velocity, the water released is able to penetrate deeper into fires. The idea is to douse them from the inside out, it seems, which should mean they are put out faster. As we said, it's just a concept right now, but considering the obvious benefits it would have for firefighters, we can't see who anyone wouldn't want to make this a reality.

[via Yanko Design]