HP Unleashes WebOS 3.0 Beta SDK For TouchPad App Development

If you're interested in developing apps for the HP TouchPad, now's the time to get on board with HP. At the WebOS CONNECT event in London today, HP announced that they are releasing the WebOS 3.0 Beta SDK to their Early Access developers.

WebOS 3.0 is scheduled to appear first on the HP TouchPad tablet later this year. Some of the developments in the new platform version should eventually appear on WebOS smartphones as well. The WebOS 3.0 SDK will include plenty of information on structuring apps, and will allow developers to use the new Enyo framework to integrate Synergy, Just Type, and Exhibition into their apps.

However, the WebOS 3.0 Beta SDK is available only to developers registered with HP's Early Access program. HP will be providing more information soon for the program on a new developer portal located at http://developer.hpwebos.com

[via PreCentral]