HP TouchPad to hit Wal-Mart June 12, OfficeMax in July?

Fans that have been looking forward to the HP TouchPad WebOS tablet have an unofficial date to look forward to for the tablet to land in stores. We previously reported that the TouchPad would hit Wal-Mart for $599 when it finally lands with 32GB of storage onboard. While HP has still not offered up an official launch date for the device, it's looking like that rumored June launch will be true. The QuickSpec sheet for the TouchPad has turned up.

On the bottom of the spec sheet for the tablet is a date for the worldwide launch of the tablet and that date is pegged as June 12. Apparently, all the QuickSpec sheets that are offered for various HP devices have the launch date on the bottom like that. Another rumor has surfaced that claims OfficeMax will stock the TouchPad starting in July. It's not uncommon for OfficeMax to be behind on stocking new products like the Touch Pad.

The TouchPad also has another new rumor that is interesting and confusing. The OfficeMax document that surfaced pointing to that July launch date also lists 3G and 4G versions of the tablet. We aren't sure if the 4G will be the real deal LTE or the fancied up 3G network with the 4G name. It could also be a mistake on the OfficeMax document.

[via PreCentral]