HP throwing towel in on digital camera business

Finally! Sadly they aren't completely giving up, they are just going to start selling their cameras as OEM equipment for rebranding/re-badging so we'll still have to put up with their cameras.

For the money, they really aren't that bad, but competition is getting pretty fierce, so its probably a good time to get out if you ask me. They are better off focusing on a market they could still do well in, printing technologies.

That's exactly what they are doing too, moving their resources over to focus on "Print 2.0" whatever that is. So, you will still be able to buy yourself a Canon Rebel XTi and then give brother in law some cheap HP point and shoot for Christmas and then rub it in his face later the next year, not that I'd ever do something like that or anything.

HP to stop producing digital cameras [via pocket-lint]