HP SLC3760N 37-inch MediaSmart HDTV

All right, give me two seconds to get this off my chest. The HP SLC3760N 37-inch MediaSmart LCD TV is for folks that are media challenged, unless you don't mind overpaying for a 37-inch LCD TV with a few additional features. Sure you get a 1366x768 flat panel display with an HDMI input, a couple of speakers and the convenience of streaming video, photos, audio and web throughout your network (over 802.11a/b/g and 100Mbps Ethernet). But is it worth $2,700? I don't think so, especially when a similar solution is available for much less. Get yourself a LCD TV that's roughly the same size and resolution for $1,500 or less, and then hook it up to an inexpensive PC running Windows XP Media Center Edition. The second option offers many more features while saving you a grand for other goodies.Product Page [via Gizmodo & Sci Fi Tech]