HP reportedly selling mobile patent portfolio

If you say the name HP, most of us automatically think about computers. HP is one of the largest computer manufacturers in the world. The problem for HP is that the computer market is shrinking rapidly with declining sales in the face of the booming popularity of smartphones and tablets.

HP has tried its hand in the smartphone and tablet market and so far has failed to produce a product that made a significant impact on the market. Years ago, HP purchased smartphone maker Palm to get its hands on webOS, the operating system created for Palm's failed smartphones. HP was unable to do anything effective with webOS and eventually dropped the operating system and sold it to LG at a big loss.

Despite being unable to compete effectively in the smartphone and tablet market, HP does hold a number of mobile patents. Word has surfaced that HP is considering selling off these mobile patents. HP is believed to have received most of its mobile patents with the purchase of Palm.

HP did hold onto related patents when it sold webOS to LG and licensed those patents to LG. Indications are that HP is now looking to sell those patents off. Sources within HP have reported that the company has approached several potential buyers for its patent portfolio and has removed some restrictive conditions to facilitate a quicker sale. No official comments have been offered from HP at this time and there is no indication of which companies HP has approached. Surely one of the companies approached is LG and if LG is already licensing the patents it would seem natural the smartphone manufacturer would want to purchase.

SOURCE: Android Community