HP Powerup Backpack hides a 22400mAh battery for your laptop

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One of the biggest problems of road warriors, other than a consistent Internet connection everywhere, is the rapidly decreasing meter on their batteries. Mobile devices, especially smartphones, are easier to deal with, but when you really need to get work done, a laptop is your Obi-Wan Kenobi. Well, and this new HP backpack. Unassumingly stylish, the HP Powerup Backpack actually stores a large 22,400 mAh 84 Wh battery pack that can keep even your laptop sufficiently juiced up when power outlets are as rare as a Mewtwo.

Of course, this is hardly the only bag of this kind in existence and others may even actually have fancier gimmicks to help them sell. What the Powerup Backpack has that most of those don't is HP's blessing and brand. There is just an implicit guarantee of quality and, most importantly, safety. Then again, you are carrying a rather big battery on your back, so there is also an implicit danger.

As mentioned, the battery inside the bag is rated at 22,400 mAh 84 Wh, which HP says is enough to charge most HP laptops up to one extra full life. But it isn't exclusive to laptops either. There are USB ports and cables for charging Android tablets and smartphones, from 3 to 10 times over, depending on their own battery capacities. Interestingly, no bundled cord or adapter for Apple devices.

In terms of design, the backpack has a few special tricks to keep charging both safe and convenient. For example, the bag has ventilation holes and even sensors to help keep things from overheating. There is also a convenience hole for passing headphone cables through so you can still listen to tunes or podcasts while your laptop or tablet charges inside. There is also a special pocket for the HP laptop's own charging brick so you can inconspicuously connect to a power outlet without even taking it out of the bag.

The biggest concern for the HP Powerup Backpack, however, will be travel regulations, particularly on planes. While it does go below the 100 Wh limit on carry-on luggage imposed by the FAA, other countries may have other ideas, making it a bit of a gamble on international flights. Price, however, might not be much of a problem, as the backpack goes for $199.99. It's still on pre-order though, with shipping slated to start in October 1.