HP planning wireless devices with NFC wireless payment tech inside

Several of the biggest tech firms in the world are putting their weight behind the future of wireless payments using near field communications or NFC tech. Google has been talking up the Google Wallet service that it is working on and many others are working on payment systems as well including some credit card companies. HP is said to be eyeing introducing wireless devices that are capable of making wireless payments by integrating NFC technology inside.

HP owns Palm and the WebOS operating system and it would be easy to see NFC tech coming to future HP smartphones and tablets. According to one source cited by BusinessWeek, the first HP wireless device with NFC inside may be available as early as the end of 2011. The idea is that the HP tech would allow the users to not only pay by tapping their phone on a reader at checkout, but he user could get loyalty points and coupons as well by tapping their device on a poster at the store.

One of the sources also claims that third-party devs will be able to harness the NFC tech inside the HP devices. NFC will be one of the features moving into the future that users expect their wireless devices to have. HP is gearing up to offer the tech so it's not behind the curve. WebOS devices are expected to grab only 3% of the global market share in 2015, which is a decline of 4% from this year.

[via BusinessWeek]