HP merging its PC and printer business

HP is getting ready to announce a major reorganization today that will involve the consolidation of its PC unit, the Personal Systems Group (PSG) and its printer division, the Imaging and Printing Group (IPG). According to insider sources cited by AllThingsD, the move is an attempt to streamline the company's operations, cut costs, and provide customers with more unified product offerings.

The reorganization will reportedly remove IPG executive VP Vyomesh Joshi and put Todd Bradley in charge of the combined business unit. Merging the two groups is expected to simplify and streamline operations and reduce costs. The products between the two groups also correlate and are sold to the same consumers and businesses, which makes more sense in selling them together.

The IPG has been one of HP's greatest revenue generators, selling more printers than anyone else in the world and making more on ink cartridges and other supplies. However, the group has seen a decline in recent years, largely due to supply chain problems. The PSG, on the other hand, was almost spun off last year under former CEO Leo Apotheker before he was replaced by Meg Whitman, who believes the PC business was important for HP to keep.