HP has expanded a battery recall on some of its notebooks for fire hazard

It seems like every time I think battery recalls for notebooks are over, they start back up again. There were huge recalls back in 2008 on notebook batteries that were overheating and posed a fire risk. In some of the higher profile cases, the notebook batteries actually exploded and caused damage to property.

HP is facing a notebook battery recall that started back in 2009 when the company issued a recall on 70,000 notebook batteries that posed a fire hazard. HP last week expanded that battery recall to cover about 54,000 more units that pose a fire hazard.

HP reports that since the May 2009 recall was issued it has had 38 reports of batteries overheating and rupturing with 11 instances of minor burns and 31 instances of minor property damage. The batteries in the recall are being used in both HP and Compaq notebooks. Check out the image above to see if your HP or Compaq notebook is covered in the recall. These machines were sold in the August 2007 to July 2008 time frame.