HP Compaq line gets Penryn blessing already

The Compay 6820s, 6720s, and 6520s laptops have all been blessed with Intel's latest Penryn chips. In order, the laptops are 17, 15.4, and 14.1 inches respectively and are considered business laptops.

Even though they have near-gaming laptop stats with Penryn processors, 4GB RAM, ATI graphics dual-layer DVD burners and 160GB hard drives. They also have Bluetooth, WiFi, and Vista (likely Business or Ultimate).

The 6720s and 6820s are both apparently already up on the site with base prices of 600 and 1000 dollars respectively. That leads me to assume that the above configuration is the top of the line for each of the notebooks, which is still pretty impressive.

HP Compaq 6820s, 6720s, 6520s laptops with Penryn chips [via pclaunches]