How to mute Twitter notifications from accounts you don't know

Twitter, as part of its seemingly endless effort to combat the trolls on its platform, has introduced some new capabilities, namely the ability to mute users you don't know. This means, as one example, you won't get notifications if you're mentioned by accounts that you don't follow or by accounts that you don't follow. This convenient muting feature only works if you turn it on, though; that process is pretty simple.

Twitter calls these 'advanced filter settings,' and explains that there are multiple different scenarios in which the user can choose to not receive notifications. For example, you can disable notifications coming from accounts that you don't follow, or for all accounts that don't follow you, accounts that haven't changed from the default Twitter profile photo, as well as accounts that don't have a confirmed email address or phone number.

How-to for Web

If you're doing this from your desktop or laptop, you should open Twitter and go into the Notifications timeline. Once in there, select 'Settings' and check the boxes for the specific notification filters you want to enable.

How-to for iOS

If you manage your Twitter account from an iPad or iPhone, the process is a tiny bit more involved. Open the app and once again head into Notifications. From there, tap on the 'Gear' icon that will take you into the menu. Select 'Advanced filters' and toggle on the slider next to the filters you want enabled.

How-to for Android

Finally, there's Android. The process is basically exactly the same as on iOS — you'll want to go into Notifications, then tap the 'Gear' icon. Choose 'Advanced filters' and tap the check boxes next to the ones you want to enable.

SOURCE: Twitter Support