How-To: Get into the LCD market by making panels in weird sizes

Wow, this is so extremely dumb I am having a hard time writing about it in between fits of maniacal laughter. Anyways, here's the deal, Chunghwa Picture Tubes or CPT is a Taiwanese company who got a (not so bright) bright idea to make 18.4-inch LCD panels.

The End. I wish, so the deal is, these are in between the 17 and 19 inch panels that already exist and supposedly that's supposed to help them sell in both laptop and desktop markets. Dear god I hope not, because if it does I might go into business making 11.3 inch woofers for car audio, because they are between the normal 12 and 10 inch sizes.

The monitors will have a 16:9 orientation a 1366x768 resolution and 300 nits of brightness backed by a 1000:1 contrast ratio and a response time of 5ms. Apparently a company, Acer to be more exact, has already bought into this crap and plans to make a laptop with these panels for Europe next year.

Mass production of 18.4-inch monitor panels to start in 2Q08 [via pclaunches]