Hot Wheels Zoom In GoPro mount is the action cam's best $1 accessory

Hot Wheels has unveiled a new GoPro mount that allows users to get a first-person-view of their toy as it races along its track. The mount looks like a car, but with a slot in which the GoPro action camera is placed, enabling the camera to record an FPV of the "trip." The only catch? You need GoPro's smallest cube-shaped camera to use it.

Mattel and GoPro teamed up to create the unique Zoom In toy car, one featuring a dark design, red-rimmed wheels, and the GoPro logo. It's more of a novelty than anything else — you won't be creating production footage with it, but you will get some sweet high-speed action shots of the car looping through its track.

A small metal hook on the car keeps the GoPro fixed in place; it's not clear how well the car can handle those loops with a large cube on it. It's a fun novelty regardless, but CNET notes one potential problem for buyers: you need one of the two GoPro Session cube-shaped cameras that have since been discontinued.

That's not a big deal if you already own the Session, but otherwise you'll have to find a used one, meaning the car becomes less attractive over time as used models dwindle in availability. That said, the car itself sells for just over one dollar, making it a cheap accessory for GoPro owners.