Hori Classic Controller for Wii is GameCube-ish

If you're looking for something non-stick-like to control your Wii, then you might be interested in the Hori Classic Controller. Sure, it looks strikingly similar to the GameCube controller, but this one's all for the Wii and is actually pretty practical when you get right down to it.

This controller sports the Wavebird form factor, but rids itself of some of the more annoying aspects of the original. For instance, the controls on the old controller were truly impractical, but on the Hori Classic, you get a 4-button setup that graced the SNES controllers along with two analog joysticks.

By combining a bit of the old and the new, you end up with a controller that sports the look of a classic controller with the functionality that suits more modern games. You will be able to get the Hori Classic Controller soon imported for $30. Though, we don't know if it will be available in anything other than the cotton candy blue color.