Hopster streaming service is for kids only

Shane McGlaun - Sep 26, 2013, 6:50 am CST
Hopster streaming service is for kids only

If you have children that like to watch their favorite TV shows on Netflix, you’re probably familiar with the Netflix kids section. The problem with Netflix and other services is that even though they offer the kids section, it’s really easy for kids to wind up in the main section where they can access films that aren’t appropriate.

A new streaming video service specifically for kids with no content that isn’t appropriate for children has been announced called Hopster. The entire streaming video service caters exclusively to children with no way for kids to access inappropriate content. The Hopster service will be available via an app for iOS devices.

In addition to providing various kids TV shows and other content, Hopster will also offer interactive games. The service will be available ad-free for monthly subscription fee that promises to be competitive with Netflix and other streaming video services.

Hopster doesn’t specifically call out its monthly subscription price, but to be competitive with Netflix and other streaming services it would need to be somewhere in the $8 to $10 per month range. I’d bet on the higher end of that range since the company plans to offer games as well. It’s unclear what sort of content deals Hopster has in place for its full range of content. However, Hopster head Nick Walters says that the service will have over 800 episodes of kid’s shows such as Babar, Paddington Bear, and SuperWhy at launch.

SOURCE: AllThingsD

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