Hop-on vs the mobile phone industry

Patents are a double-edged sword. In one hand, they protect creative thinkers from having people copy their great ideas. On the other hand, you have people that either patent things in hopes that someday someone will make something similar and sue them, or just file for a patent on something that already exists and sue.

Hop-On appears to be one that likes to file for patents that they have no claim to. They have filed for and been granted a patent for phones that can play MP3's, have speakers on the sides and buttons. Sounds to me like it covers many of the phones on the market.

Knowing this, the company is hoping to collect millions of dollars from mobile phone makers and providers. Provided that the patent will hold up in court, expect to see an increase in the cost of phones from now on as a result.

Hop-On to sabotage phone market with patent? [via electronista]