Honda tech hopes to reduce traffic congestion

The self-driving car has been shown off by both Google and GM, and while Honda hasn't quite made the full jump, the company is working on predictive technology. Honda's new technology can analyze driving patterns, as well as surrounding traffic, in order to determine if the driver is going to add even more confusion to traffic jams.

Acceleration and braking patterns are both monitored, with the system determining whether or not the driver will contribute to the traffic jam. The system will warn the driver to adjust the patterns, recommending that they reduce repeated acceleration and braking associated with closely tailing cars. It doesn't promise to eliminate congestion, but it does minimize chances of it occurring.

Honda worked with the University of Tokyo to test the technology, and found that average speed could be increased by 23%, with fuel usage improving by 8% in trailing vehicles. The system is due to be testing this summer on roads in Italy and Indonesia. If the tests are successful, Honda hopes to incorporate the new tech into its future cars.

[via Japan Daily Press]