Honda shows off its slick concepts for the 2021 Tokyo Auto

One of the coolest things about the annual Tokyo Auto Salon are the slick concept cars that manufacturers show off at the event. For 2021, the Tokyo Auto Salon is a fully digital event but that hasn't stopped the cool cars from being unveiled. Honda is showing off a pair of highly customized vehicles, including a customized Fit and an N-Van Custom.

The customized Fit is the current generation car, and it's based on the 2022 Fit e:HEV Crosstar Custom. The Crosstar is an outdoorsy trim of the vehicle that Honda has taken to the extreme. It features a blacked-out roof and pillars, roof rails, slightly raised right height, and water-resistant seats.

It also has a special body cladding on the middle of the doors and rolls on steel wheels with all-terrain tires. The vehicle has a Yakima roof rack and special Honda E-inspired lights in the lower fascia. It probably looks more prepared for off-road use than it is, but it's certainly cool.

The other vehicle is even more unique and is a highly customized version of the N-Van Custom "3rd Place" that has been turned into a tiny food truck. Its body panels appear to be brushed stainless steel, and it definitely looks like a car meant to be a kitchen. It features basic black steel wheels and has clearance lights all around.

There are no shots of the interior, but it appears to be outfitted to serve snacks and drinks. The lift-up tailgate has lights around it, and there's a cute little red and white awning that sticks out above the sliding passenger door and front door. The official reveal of these vehicles will be on January 15, and more details are expected at that time.