Home Depot offers EcoSmart LED light bulbs

Going green in your home can be easier than you think. One of the places that you can start is with the lighting around the house. Those old-fashioned incandescent bulbs not only burn out quickly, but they use lots of electricity as well.

Florescent bulbs to fit into normal light fixtures have been around for a while now but those are starting to be replaced by LEDs. One of the big drawbacks to LED lighting is that the bulbs are typically very expensive. Home Depot has a new line of LED bulbs that are EcoSmart branded and fit into normal light sockets and sell for under $20 each.

The bulb is equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb and uses only 8.6W of power. It puts out 429 lumens of light and has a life span of 50000 hours. The bulb claims to save over $155 per bulb over its entire life of at least five years. I would like to know what color light the bulb puts out; florescent bulbs are too white for my tastes and look weird.