HoloVit screen puts a small hologram on your desk

There's a new product seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo called HoloVit, and it promises to bring holographic videos to your living room. The HoloVit is a clear screen of some sort that works with your existing tablet, phone, or other display-centric device. Videos recorded with a black background show only the video's subject on the clear screen, making it appear as if a small hologram is hanging out on your table or desk. It appears to work somewhat similar to that DIY iPhone hologram we saw a few years ago.

The HoloVit screen, depending on what size your get, is supposed to be placed close to the display on your main device — your tablet, for example, or your laptop screen. So-called "holographic videos" are played, which are just videos that were recorded with a completely black background. While the black background doesn't show up in the display's reflection, the brighter subject does.

The HoloVit display is being offered in sizes ranging from 9.8 x 15.3-inches to 25.5 x 35.4-inches. The team is also offering a "hologram recording set," which is a black background and mat for someone to stand on, enabling users to record their own hologram videos. Because the screen is flat and the videos are recorded from one perspective, these holographic images aren't 3D like you'd get by projecting into a prism.

HoloVit's makers are seeking about $18,000 on Indiegogo, where the small-size HoloVit screen is offered for $79 USD and an estimated ship date of September. Because this is a crowdfunded campaign, it is important to remember there are risks involved and that the shipping date may get pushed back to a later time.

SOURCE: Indiegogo