Holocube unveils Photo Booth and Beam Touch

Back in January I mentioned that Holocube had taken its awesome holographic projector system and scaled it up to allow the thing to project human size (and creepy) images. The company is back with a couple new products including one that goes that that cool holographic projector system. The products are Photo booth and Beam Touch.

The Beam Touch system is the one that appears to go well with the holographic projector Holocube offers. This thing provides a link between projectors and the iPad. It allows the user to take the photos that are on their tablet and shoot them over other projector so they can be viewed by multiple folks. The app will hit the App Store soon and will let the user move between images and animations. It's not clear if it will work with any projector or only the Holocube system.

The other product is an interesting g offering for companies that are at trade shows and other events. It looks like an ATM and is called Photo Booth. The Photo Booth allows the user to print out their photo at no cost and then the photos can be hung to share. HC also notes that it can be used to organize online contests as well.