Hollywood is trying to censor the web says Google

Google is at odds with Hollywood this week; it attacked Hollywood and a state attorney general for what Google claims is an attempt to censor the internet. Google claims that the Motion Picture Association of America conspired in secret with the attorney general of Mississippi to change how information is traded online without enacting new laws.

Google General Counsel Kent Walker says that the "MPAA pointed its guns at Google." Walker says that there are emails from top Sony executives that detail efforts to block websites that are allegedly publishing copyrighted material online. Walker also claims that a letter sent to Google by the Mississippi Attorney General was actually drafted by the MPAA's law firm.

The MPAA says Google knows they have been working on these issues for years. The MPAA maintains that Google is simply trying to shift focus from its activities and says that it will seek the assistance of any and all government agencies to protect the rights of people involved in creative activities.

There are two major bills before Congress in the US now that could have series consequences for website operators. The SOPA and PIPA acts are trying to target websites that illegally display copyrighted content. Advocates of the bills believe they will help stop these rogue websites, but those who fall on the other side say that these bills will harm legitimate websites if passed into law.