Hoesch Water Lounge - The ultimate bathtub

I'll admit, I'm a guy that enjoys soaking in a hot bath at the end of a long day. I've always found it to be very relaxing, and it's the one place in my house where I don't have some sort of high-tech device where people can bug me. Unfortunately, most bathtubs aren't exactly the most comfortable to lie in for very long. This one, however, looks like it would be awesome.

This bathtub incorporates a lounger into it. While I'm sure with a little bit of coaxing, you could stick any old lounger into your regular tub, it wouldn't come out nearly as cool as this one. The water actually comes out through the halogen lamp which hangs over the tub.

The one thing that creeps me out is that the sides are completely transparent. The nice thing about being in the tub is that if someone walks in, they won't really be able to see much. However, this one allows for a nice little show from the side.

Hoesch Water Lounge – Luxurious chaise lounge and bathtub hybrid [via bornrich]